Product Spotlight: Röchling Welding Rods

Welding Rods - GS Sales - Roechling Machined Plastics

At GS Sales we are proud to sell welding rods manufactured by Röchling Machined Plastics. These rods are made of Polystone® and Trovidur®. They allow a permanent bond to sheet material and are ideal for processing through all standard thermal welding methods.

Welding rods are available in 3mm (0.118”) – 5mm (0.197”) diameters. They promote long-term strength and high stability to the components being welded and they minimize any complaints caused by failure from faulty materials.

Read more about our catalog of Rochling machined plastics or contact us today for a samples or a quote.

About Röchling Machined Plastics
For over 25 years Röchling Machined Plastics has striven to service their customers with high quality fabricated parts made from engineered plastics and composites at competitive prices with short lead-times. Constantly working to keep the most technologically advanced equipment and conscience work force that is both well trained and service oriented team.

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