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Cast Acrylic
Cast Acrylic is the highest quality acrylic available to your customers. Extruded acrylic has stricter thickness tolerances, however it comes with many limitations for fabrication.

With Margacipta’s (MC®) modern manufacturing facilities they can now supply high quality cast acrylic at very competitive prices.

MC® cast acrylic sheet is produced in batches between two sheets of superior quality glass. It is very strong (due to its high molecular weight), has extra strict thickness tolerances, and is resilient, easy to handle and fabricate.

• Film or Paper Masking are the same price.
• Minimum of 15 sheets per color under 3/8” thick and a 5 sheet
per color minimum for 3/8” and over.

Acrylic Rods
MC® Rods is categorised into two:

• MC® Cast Rod
Length: 1.2m – 2m
Diameter: 6mm – 28mm

• MC® Extruded Rod
Length: 1.2m – 2m
Diameter: 4mm – 6mm

Also Available:

• Acrylic Triangles/Corners
• PUSO® PVC Hose® which comes in seven types of hoses.
• PVC Rigid Sheet


Contact Information:
For pricing and other information on Margacipta contact:
George Southard at G S Sales 317-595-6750 or email at

If you cannot reach George contact Allan Harari of American Trade Sales at: