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UHMW Polystone Products (UHMW, HDPE & PP)

LubX® S and LubX® C – two new high performance materials, which have outstanding dry-running properties. Developed for applications in materials-handling and automation technologies.

Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® need considerably less energy and can virtually eliminate slip-stick effect (backsliding) increasing process stability. Learn more>>


Grades of UHMW:
Polystone‭®‬ Virgin‭ ‬UHMW
Polystone‭®‬ Reprocessed‭ ‬UHMW-Green‭ & ‬Black
Polystone‭®‬ Anti-Static
Polystone‭®‬ UV‭ ‬Stabilized
Polystone‭®‬ Molly-Filled‭ ‬
Polystone‭®‬ Steel‭ ‬Filled
Polystone‭®‬ Oil-filled‭ ‬UHMW
Polystone‭®‬ High‭ ‬Temp‭ Asphalt Liner – MSHA‭ ‬Approved
Polystone‭®‬ MPG-Premium‭ ‬Grade‭ ‬UHMW-Blue
Polystone‭®‬  X-Linked‭ ‬UHMW‭ ‬Premium‭ ‬Grade
Polystone‭®‬  Extreme
Polystone‭®‬ Colored‭ ‬UHMW‭  ‬(Many‭ ‬Standard‭ & ‬ Custom‭ ‬colors)
Polystone‭®‬ Rubber-backed‭ ‬UHMW
Polystone‭®‬  Matrox
Polystone‭®‬ P MDT (Metal Detectable UHMW)

Grades of Polystone G HDPE
Polystone‭®‬ G Natural
Polystone‭®‬ G Black
Polystone‭®‬ Cut-Rite Cutting Board
Polystone‭®‬ G Pipe Grade (Black)

Grades of Polystone P PP
Polystone‭®‬ P Homopolymer Natural
Polystone‭®‬ P Homopolymer Black
Polystone‭®‬ P Hompolymer EuroGray
Polystone‭®‬ P CoPolymer Natural
Polystone‭®‬ P CoPolymer Black
Polystone‭®‬ P CoPolymer EuroGray

Available Sizes:

Sheet‭ ‬1/32‭” ‬to‭ ‬7‭”‬
In sizes up to‭ ‬96‭” ‬x‭ ‬240‭”‬
Rod‭ ‬1/4‭” ‬to‭ ‬10‭” ‬Diamter‭  ‬
Block‭ & ‬Strip
Profile‭ (‬Standard‭ & ‬Custom‭)‬

HDPE‭ & ‬PP Sheet:
Sheet Only‭ ‬1/6‭” ‬to‭ ‬4‭”‬
In‭ ‬4‭’ ‬x8‭’ ‬to‭ ‬5‭’ ‬x‭ ‬8‭’ & ‬Custom sizes‭ & ‬colors

Polypropylene Rod:
3/8‭” ‬to‭ ‬13.75‭” ‬Dia. ‭(‬350mm‭)‬


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