Röchling – Literature

Röchling operates as three separate divisions (Polystone, Sustaplast, and Machined Plastics). Please choose which material below you are interested in to be directed to the proper locations literature.


Röchling Engineered Plastics – Polystone Products
literature  (UHMW, HDPE & Polypropylene)
Röchling Engineering Plastics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Polystone® polyolefin materials.


Röchling Engineered Plastics – Sustaplast Products
literature  (Acetal, Nylon & High Performance Plastics)
Röchling Engineering Plastics is the world’s largest manufacturer of Acetal stock shapes and also the world’s largest manufacture of cast nylon shapes.


Röchling Machined Plastics
literature  (Fabricated Parts)
Pennsylvania Röchling Machined Plastics is a complete nonmetallic materials fabrication facility. They can produce from 1 to 100,000 pieces of fabricated parts. They do extensive CNC machining center work with both lathe and routers.