SPE goes big for 75th anniversary

In celebration of their 75th anniversary SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers Foundation) made a highly commendable, unselfish, contribution to our plastics society:

SPE launched a Campaign for Plastics Education to support its mission of promoting the development of young plastics professionals through the funding of quality educational initiatives, scholarships, grants and student experiences.

We think this is an amazing opoortunity for the next generation and we are so proud of SPE for making such a kind and noble gesture.

The campaign goal is to raise:
$225,000 — $75,000 from corporations,
$75,000 from SPE Sections and Divisions and
$75,000 from individuals.

The Foundation sponsors:
45 and 50 scholarships each year, worth approximately $110,000,
15 grants a year with a worth ranging between $50,000 and $75,000.

Now those are some impressive numbers, all for the sake of education. What a great cause!

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